Genesis v1 minting closed

v2 free mint is now open!

sneakers on the blockchain

SneakerFreakz is inspired by 20+ types of sneakers. Sneakerfreakz combines several traits like shoes, socks, skin and background to generate only 168 genesis NFTs with different rarities.

Genesis holders will get profit sharing from metaverse nft wearables and free airdrops for our wearables. 

genesis v1 grants you free airdrops of our wearables. batch 1 is already live on decentraland. you also get profit sharing from all wearable sales! 


v2 is our free mint – which gets you discounted prices on wearable drops and free access to our metaverse parties. our next party is happening in april,2022!

Not Just An NFT.

Sneakerheads x Crypto

<Don’t play yourself. Make sure you’re at>



Serial product creator / designer / manufacturer with a wide range of industry experience, but one deep passion: Sneakers.

Self-directed R&D into open source manufacturing and advanced and next-gen sneaker manufacturing techniques

Self-taught blockchain developer with a growing portfolio of digital product launches



Veteran entrepreneur with a history of successful business launches and exits in service based industries and medical technology industries.


lonelyboy is a Digital development and search engine marketing executive,   with skills ranging from project management & rollout strategy to digital asset development

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